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Functional Organics
2011/05/19 - 05/22
@ Digital Octobar (Moscaw, Russia)

- NEOREAL WONDER - The world of Canon's digital imaging


- NEOREAL WONDER - The world of Canon's digital imaging

2011/4/12(Tue.)~ 2011/4/17(Sun.) 10:00 - 21:00
@Superstudio Più ART POINT(Via Tortona 27, Milano)
Participating Designers :TORAFU ARCHITECTS (Architectural team),WOW (Visual design studio)
imaging system : Yutaka Endo & Yuki Tada / LUFTZUG, Masato TSUTSUI

photo: daisuke oki

Canon digital imaging -NEOREAL -


NEOREAL A source of visual inspiration - Canon digital imaging
4/14(Wed.)~ 4/19(Mon.)10:30-22:00
@La Triennale di Milano (Viale Alemagna 6, Milano)
Participating Creators : Kyota Takahashi (Artist), Akihisa Hirata (Architect)
Exhibition Design : Hikaru Mori (Designer), Akihisa Hirata (Architect)
Exhibition Contents : Kagayaki section
imaging system : Yutaka Endo / LUFTZUG, Masato TSUTSUI

photo: daisuke oki

Elefanten Across the Ocean AO08


Elefanten Across the Ocean AO08
In collaboration with National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Date:2008.06.18-7.20 / Performance:06.27 / Workshop:06.28-29


at okno public03 with isjtar.

motiontracking with OpenCV in Jitter,visuals and sounds are realtime generated with Max/MSP/jitter.Patchs are can been downloaded from here, under GNU license.

ceiling the harf transparent 3.3m*2.47m(182inch) screen to 2.2m high.

belgium_firefry-thumb.jpg FireflyMV.jpg
indsturial camera:Point Gery Firefly MV with infrared filter.

belgium_firewire-thumb.jpg belgium_infraredLED-thumb.jpg
FireWire repeater and infrared LEDs for tracking within the dark.

belgium_mai_1-thumb.jpg belgium_mai_2-thumb.jpg
some testing and screenshot.


Designed by engine inc.
Motion graphics system is produced by lullaby
Technical Support:コバヤシタケル(29970,ether),Masato Tsutsui

'Soft Architecture' in suzu performing arts center


Responsive Environment(日高仁、西澤高男、亀井寛之)
■制作協力・撮影:飯名尚人/Dance and Media Japan

Third Asia-Europe Music Camp, I'mPULSE

[Third Asia-Europe Music Camp, I'mPULSE]

2006.05.14~ Dashanzi Art District
2006.05.19,20 Club Tango

photos :walkscreen

'Soft Architecture / Garando' in 仙台卸町

'Soft Architecture / Garando' in 仙台卸町

tokyo moves

2005.9.13 @ Japan Foundation Forum , akasaka twin tower

tokyo moves
photos,concept : Ruthe ZUNTZ, Michael REITZ
sensoring : Michael REITZ
programing : masato TSUTSUI

walk around in 3D environment, pictures of tokyo, with SICK sensor and Max/MSP/Jitter.